What are "you" doing to secure our rights?

posted Jan 3, 2013, 7:13 AM by Ronnie V   [ updated Jan 3, 2013, 9:19 AM ]

We have 1265 followers on our main Facebook page (and several hundred more on our other pages). How many of you are actually taking action on ANY level, large or small, to secure our rights and liberty? This isn't a castigation, it's is a serious question. 

Other than just bitching on FB or forwarding funny memes to your friends who probably already agree with you, what are you doing?

Have you contacted your representatives? Have your contacted your local school officials to insist that they allow properly trained citizens/staff to be armed? Are you encouraging and holding your friends and others in the 2A "community" accountable for doing the same?

Are you prepared to hit the pocketbooks of those who are leading the charge against us? For example:

--Boycotting shows and movies of hypocritical actors who call for an end to "violence with guns," yet they profit immensely from portraying that very action 

--Boycotting the newspapers and parent companies of newspapers that publish hate-filled threats and rants against gun owners, or who publish the names and addresses of law abiding gun owners. And have you contacted them? 

--Boycotting the businesses that advertise in those publications

--Boycotting local businesses that don't respect and uphold our Constitutional rights

Are you willing to help organize or participate in research projects, local 2A events, etc.? Are you working with other 2A organizations on action plans? What are your real life skills and talents that can be applied in some way to this fight?

The current threat to our rights and liberty is hardly the first step that's been taken in that direction. Many "steps" have already been put in place prior to this to ensure that our liberty, rights and assets can be easily swept away. However, RIGHT NOW we are at a very critical juncture. We are on the precipice of losing a great deal, and there's no room for sitting on the sidelines. 
I really want to hear your thoughts and hear what actions you're taking. 

Others need to hear it too. If you want to do something, but don't know what to do, let's hear that too. Thanks.

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