UPDATE: Victory! Cub Foods reverses "gun ban" policy

posted Jan 25, 2013, 10:37 AM by Ronnie V   [ updated Nov 10, 2014, 11:48 AM ]
Excellent news!

Our voices have been heard.

If you recall, I posted in December about Cub Foods’ “unposted” policy that banned guns in their corporate stores (I found out about that policy when I was shopping while carrying a holstered firearm and was asked to leave by the manager).

Based in large part on our calls and emails over the last month, Cub Foods has reviewed their policy and has decided to recognize the laws of the state of Minnesota which pertain to the lawful carrying of firearms, and has reversed their policy accordingly, effective immediately. Those who carry with a valid permit to carry recognized by the state of Minnesota are welcome in their corporate stores.

Please show your appreciation for their careful consideration of their policy by returning as a customer and supporting their business with your shopping dollars. Support businesses that support us and which recognize and uphold the laws of the state in regard to lawful carry.

Cub Foods is not looking for a pat on the back or any recognition for this policy change. You can show your appreciation by returning as a customer.

Thank you to Cub Foods for doing the right thing.

Small victories. 

(Check with your local Cub Foods store to find out whether they are a corporate store or a franchise store. If they are a franchise store, ask what their policy is on lawful carry (do they ban guns?). Please email us and let us know what you find out about your local Cub Foods franchise stores. We’re compiling a lists of 2A friendly Cub Foods franchise stores. Email info@Minnesota2A.com.) 

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