Small Ways to Help

posted Feb 11, 2013, 8:37 AM by Ronnie V
Action item: Small ways to help

We need people from every city, county, municipal district and each house and senate district in MN to track their representatives for announcements of public appearances, public meetings or town hall listening events, etc., (gun-related or not).
Includes: city/town council/boards, state reps, congressional reps, US reps, sheriffs, police chiefs, mayors, etc… (If you can’t track all in your area, please pick one to focus on)

Let us know about the events so that we can post and let people in the area know about it so they can attend to be sure that we are represented and have a voice.

--Get on your reps email list for notification
--Find their official web page or website, FB page, Twitter page, etc and watch for event notices or check their calendar
--Call their office and ask about upcoming public appearances or events (you don’t need to give any further details)

If you have info:
--Post details on our Facebook page
--Email this page with details,
--Message our Facebook page
--Share the info with your own network and encourage people to attend