Hopkins PD visited our 2nd Saturday 2A Coffee & Chat meet up

posted Mar 12, 2013, 8:07 AM by Ronnie V   [ updated Mar 12, 2013, 10:56 AM ]
We had a great turn out of about 25 people for our most recent 2nd Saturday 2A Coffee & Chat meet up on March 9. We also had a little visit from three of Hopkins' finest after a customer felt a call to the police was warranted due to.... people drinking coffee and chatting.

The officers arrived, we had a little chat (video at right), they expressed that they "have no problem with us carrying guns," in fact, they stated that they were "happy about that." They asked me if we all had permits to carry, but they did not check for permits.

Overall, the police encounter was pleasant and stress-free. Kudos to Hopkins PD for remaining calm and rational in the face of hysterical hoplophobes who make unwarranted calls to the police.

We had a little fun afterward posting a parody of what we imagined the 911 call to be:
Dispatcher: 911, what’s your emergency?

Hysterical hoplophobe: (hysterically) I’m at the coffee shop and there are people here with guns!!!

Dispatcher: Calm down. Is the business being robbed?

Hysterical hoplophobe: (voice shaking) Well, noooo!

Dispatcher: Is anyone being threatened?

Hysterical hoplophobe: (voice shaking) Um, noooo!

Dispatcher: Does there appear to any immediate danger?

Hysterical hoplophobe: (voice shaking) Uh…. noooo!

Dispatcher: And what are the people doing?

Hysterical hoplophobe: Well…. um…. they’re drinking coffee…. and, um…. eating Danish…. BUT THEY HAVE GUNS!!!

Dispatcher: Where are the guns?

Hysterical hoplophobe: (voice shaking) Well, um, it appears the majority of them are in Blackhawk Serpa Level II retention holsters…. Um, I see a number of IWBs….. (voice shaking), I’m pretty sure I see at least one high-ride pancake holster…. One lunatic in a camo hat has a drop-leg thigh holster with a Glock in it…. and he has patriotic tattoos!

Dispatcher: Is anyone acting aggressively?

Hysterical hoplophobe: (voice shaking) Well, um a guy reached in front of me for two packets of Splenda and didn’t say excuse me…!

Dispatcher: Sweet Jesus, leave the structure now, we’ll employ a drone strike.

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We look scary, don't we?