City of Mpls Again Sets Sights to Infringe on Rights

posted Jan 21, 2014, 12:41 PM by Ronnie V   [ updated Feb 15, 2014, 11:50 AM ]

The City of Minneapolis Government again has its sights set on attacking your rights in 2014.

I've been trying for weeks to obtain a copy of the proposed City of Minneapolis' 2014 Legislative Agenda, a document which should be public, but is curiously not linked on their website. 

After having my request ignored by my own rep, Council Member Kevin Reich, I persisted in pulling several teeth to obtain the document from the City Clerk's office. 

I found that they have again listed ALL of the firearms priority items from last year's legislative agenda, including a plan to lobby for the REPEAL OF STATE PREEMPTION - meaning they want individual cities to have the ability to regulate firearms, ammunition and legal carry through bans and oppressive restrictions - of course those limitations would only apply to law abiding citizens. 

They would also like legislation allowing the revocation of a person's carry permit and/or firearm rights merely for any "mental health incident" involving the intervention of law enforcement (that is completely open to interpretation), not just for those adjudicated as prohibited. That means they want to strip you of your rights without benefit of charges, trial or conviction, merely for LEO "intervention."

They would also like legislation giving the City of Minneapolis (and all cities) the power to arbitrarily deny your carry permit application (reverting to "may issue"), among several other items (see pic).

These "firearms" lobbying items were again submitted by a City of Minneapolis employee, Melissa Lesch, who is the wife of anti-rights MN House Rep. John Lesch. It's wholly unseemly that we have an unelected city employee writing oppressive and infringing firearms recommendations to the legislature where her husband serves.

Contact the Minneapolis City Council members and tell them to stop attacking the rights of law abiding citizens, and focus on the REAL problems: Thug Control, Enforcement of existing laws, Proper charging and prosecution of criminals, End plea bargaining for violent offenders, Stop reducing and staying sentences of violent offenders.

Here's a link to contact info for all City Council members:

Also, not directly related to firearms legislation, but an item also on their legislative agenda that you should be concerned about and which impacts the safety of law abiding citizens (while the city wants you unarmed and defenseless), they have an agenda item to lobby for REQUIRED TAXPAYER FUNDED HOUSING FOR LEVEL 3 SEX OFFENDERS. In fact, that bill has already been filed in the legilature by North Minneapolis Rep. Joe Mullery (59A DFL).

Link to bill HF 2140:

**The picture below is a snippet of the proposed City of Minneapolis 2014 Legislative Agenda which is several pages long.

The agenda has not yet received a final vote and approval from the City Council. It will be coming up again for discussion and I'll keep you posted, but please contact members now.

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