2A rights: Defense vs. Offense

posted Feb 20, 2013, 9:28 AM by Ronnie V   [ updated Feb 21, 2013, 3:11 PM ]
We have a long road ahead of us, not only in defending the immediate attack on our rights during this MN legislative session and from the federal administration, but for the long haul. These attacks and attempts at disarmament and infringement of our rights will not stop. 

Despite the stereotype of us as gun owners and 2A supporters that the media and administrations feed to the “low information” gen pop, we’re basically a quiet, peaceable lot. We just want to be left alone. Consequently, we always find ourselves in “defense mode” and scrambling to “react” to the threats lobbed against us. That’s not a good position to be in. 

Starting right now and as we move into the future, I think we need to adopt the tactics of our opposition and transition into “offense mode.” In order to be successful in “offense mode,” it will take effort and commitment from each of us in this population of 2A supporters/lawful firearms owners well into the future. The effort and commitment needed for “offense mode” may very well include sacrifices of our personal time and resources on some levels (not unlike the sacrifices we’re currently making in “defense mode” or the serious sacrifices we will have to make when our liberties are further infringed).

--Are you willing?

--Are you tired of being in “defense mode” all of the time?

--Are you sick of being treated as a Second Class citizen as if we have no value in our communities?

--Do you want to help turn the tide of perception of us to First Class citizens and have businesses clamoring for our patronage and organizations welcoming our participation?

I’ve been formulating many ideas for long-term actions on many levels that can be implemented as we move into the future to help change the way we are perceived and treated, and I also had a very motivational meeting with some members of this page last night discussing one arm of a solid action plan for the future (more to come on that later).

Obviously, we’ll still need to employ defensive tactics when we’re attacked, but my plan for “offense mode” involves purposeful, positive “marketing” and “representation” of lawful firearms owners on many levels, including things like:

--Let businesses know that we spend money and patronize their establishments (leave a card with your payment that lets them know “Lawful carry allowed = $” or a card that states “I’m your customer and neighbor – I’m a law abiding gun owner,” etc)

--Leave a card on the table or with the organizer of a local meeting, event, activity which states: “I’m your neighbor – I’m a law abiding gun owner”, and hand write “thanks for inviting me” or whatever comment is applicable

--Meet regularly with your local reps for coffee or office hours so they can get to know us personally 

--Purposefully invite newbies to the range

--Purposefully and visibly infiltrate the membership ranks of groups like League of Women Voters, etc., with active participants who represent and support 2A/gun owners

--Attend neighborhood and community meetings (not just for the purpose of expressing 2A views, but in general, to offer a voice for true “common sense” on issues that may impact liberty)

--Be purposeful about finding opportunities to engage and share information in your every day life

--Keep sharing our posts, information, “Law Abiding Gun Owner” pics, etc…

--Attend our coffee meet ups and invite a friend who is “outside the box” of 2A issues

--Wear buttons or patches like the “I am the 99.9%” button or our “MN-RKBA” patch (coming soon) to stimulate individual questions and conversation about lawful gun owners and civil rights 

I’m basing this “offense mode” strategy on the tenets of other successful “civil rights” fights that have employed the use of “guerilla” marketing and tactics**:

--Be visible

--Be creative and unconventional

--Use social media

--Participate in “everything” as if you are welcome in that activity

**This does NOT mean illegal, unethical or obnoxious actions or activity.

I plan to expand on the ideas above and I’m interested in hearing your thoughts and if you’re willing to transition into “offense mode.” Thanks.

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