Campus Carry

SIGN PETITION BELOW. Tell the Regents to allow lawful campus carry.

University of Minnesota - Allow Lawful Campus Carry

Self-defense is a basic human right. The University of Minnesota’s college students, faculty, staff and visitors should not be denied that right by virtue of participation in higher education or campus activities. As legal permit holders, we should be permitted to carry on college campuses just as we already do in other non-secure locations across the state.

We, students, faculty, staff, parents, and other concerned citizens, petition you, University of Minnesota Regents, to update the weapons policy SECTION IV. AUTHORIZED POSSESSION OR CARRYING OF WEAPONS to allow legal handgun permit holders the right to carry a handgun on the University of Minnesota college campuses without restriction, and remove the corresponding academic penalties and sanctions outlined in the STUDENT CONDUCT CODE.  We petition you, University of Minnesota's presidents, chancellors, and boards of regents, to change your policies that restrict our rights provided in Minnesota §624.714. It’s time we empower Minnesota's brightest instead of Minnesota’s criminals.

The students, faculty, staff and visitors that are legally permitted to carry a handgun in Minnesota obtained said permit with considerable effort. They submitted to an extensive FBI background check to ensure a record clean of felonies, violent and/or drug related misdemeanors, mental defective adjudications, and active criminal protection orders. They took a state mandated firearms safety course and passed the competency testing subsequent to the course. Permit holders in Minnesota must also be older than 21.

There are 70 universities and technical colleges allowing lawful carry of firearms on 220 campuses in Michigan, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Virginia and Mississippi. These campuses have a combined student population of ½ million. Add in faculty and staff and there are ¾ of a million people living, working, and playing on campuses allowing lawful carry of firearms. None of these campuses have experienced a single incident of gun violence (including threats and suicides), a single gun accident injuring innocent people, or a single gun theft as a result.

Are Minnesotans less responsible? It is time we treat our students, faculty, staff and visitors that possess a permit to carry a handgun like the responsible citizens they are and allow them the right to carry that defensive tool on the University of Minnesota campus. It is time we remove campus carry restrictions by university policy. Failure to do so demonstrates that we value the safety of criminals over that of our brightest young minds, those that engage them intellectually, and those that support the operations of the environment in which they learn.

For more information on campus carry especially facts, data, and statistics that dispel campus carry myths, please visit


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