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Rep. Paymar refuses to grant hearing on "Alternate" bi-partisan crime prevention bill

posted Mar 7, 2013, 7:21 AM by Ronnie V   [ updated Mar 12, 2013, 10:55 AM ]
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Rep. Debra Hilstrom (40B DFL) announced her bi-partisan supported anti-crime bill on Wednesday, HF 1323. The bill is supported and co-authored by over 70 bi-partisan legislators. Rep. Michael Paymar (64B DFL), chair of the House Public Safety Committee, has stated that he will refuse to grant a hearing for the bill. Paymar is the chief author of the unsupported and extremist gun control omnibus bill HF 237, that targets and punishes law abiding citizens.

We need to stay and keep Rep. Michael Paymar's phone ringing until he grants a hearing on HF 1323. Call Paymar's office at 651-296-4199, Demand that he grant Rep. Debra Hilstrom a hearing on HF 1323, and that he withdraw his unsupported and extremist gun control omnibus bill HF 237.

HF 1323 is a bi-partisan sponsored and NRA-approved bill that addresses fixes for our current NICS system to require timely and accurate reporting of criminal convictions, mental health and chemical abuse commitment data, provides for increased penalties for certain gun crimes and creates a lifetime prohibition on firearm ownership for perpetrators of certain violent domestic felonies.

HF 1323:

Hilstrom bi-partisan press conference Wed., March 6, 2013:

Additionally, there was virtually no visible support from local police chiefs at the Hilstrom bi-partisan press conference on HF 1323. Following the press conference, Rep. Tony Cornish (23B R) made the following request to please contact your police chiefs and ask them why they weren't in attendance to show support for the bi-partisan supported bill that proposes meaningful action to reduce violence with guns:

"Can my friends do me a favor? Please call your local Chief of Police and ask to leave a message with his/her personal assistant or his/her answering machine? Please leave a message that asks why he/she was not there today in support of [HF 1323]? The Sheriffs were there, but a news media person asked why the Chiefs weren't there, as there is nothing objectionable to law enforcement [in the bill]. It only helps them go after the bad guys. Please Re Post and Thanks Very Much. The Conf went very well. Mankato Chief of Police is one of the supporters, however."

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