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Demand that Rep. Alice Hausman withdraw extremist "gun ban" bills

posted Feb 14, 2013, 8:12 AM by Ronnie V
Action Item: Operation Extreme Pressure
If you haven't yet called Rep. Alice Hausman's office to demand that she withdraw her extremist gun control, registration and confiscation bill HF 241 and her standard capacity magazine ban bills HF 242 and HF 243, please do so now, 651.296.3824.

She "authored" the bills, but did not write them, does not understand the bills and did not attend the public hearings on the bills. A paid anti-gun lobbyist wrote and presented the bills at the public hearings. Rep. Hausman has committed a gross dereliction of duty as public servant.

Demand that Hausman withdraw the bills, call 651.296.3824.
HF 241 gun ban, registration and confiscation
HF 242 standard capacity magazine ban (10 rounds)
HF 243 standard capacity magazine ban (7 rounds)

See our Facebook post with an informational graphic: