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Call out race-baiting and ridiculousness

posted Apr 6, 2013, 11:44 AM by Ronnie V
Action Item: Call out race-baiting and ridiculousness

Keith Ellison’s sidekick V.J. Smith (Mad Dads) made some ridiculous and race-baiting statements to the media following Ellison’s Thursday town hall meeting on gun violence.

V.J. Smith: “Where are those guns coming from? We don’t have any African Americans that I know who manufacture guns, and we don’t have any African Americans that I know that sell ammunition.”
(What the hell does that even mean?)

V.J. Smith: “We can’t keep trying to arrest away this problem.”
(Interpretation: Let’s not hold the criminals accountable, let’s go after the rights of the easy targets… law abiding citizens).

V.J. Smith: "It's critical right now that we do something, not only based on what the president's doing, but also based upon it's getting warm and when it gets warm, we see things happen."
(How will anything proposed stop what’s happens when it gets warm?)

Also reported in the story: V.J. Smith stands in favor of strict gun registration (universal background checks) and “assault weapons” bans.
(Will the people responsible for the murders and gun crimes in his neighborhood be lining up for their background checks? Will they be registering or giving up their “assault weapons”?)

Contact V.J. Smith and Keith Ellison and tell them to stop the use of race-baiting and targeting law abiding citizens. Tell them to focus on the real problem and hold criminals accountable.

Contact V.J. Smith
Phone: (612) 822-0802

Keith Ellison
Phone: 612-522-1212
Twitter: @keithellison