"I'm a law abiding gun owner"


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Please share. We're continuously compiling an online slideshow of Minnesota's 2nd Amendment supporters, law abiding gun owners and legal carry permit holders. The purpose of this slideshow is to show the real face of Minnesota's 2A supporters and law abiding gun owners - They are you and me, your friends, neighbors, co-workers and fellow community members, ordinary Minnesotans. 

This slideshow and individual photos will be regularly shared on this website, on our social media pages and with legislators, representatives, officials and other community members to help dispel misconceptions and stereotypes about who gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters are.

Direct link to album on tumblr: http://mn-rkba.tumblr.com/). 

Submit your photos to info@Minnesota2A.com. No personally identifying information will ever be shared in connection with the photos (i.e. Your name, contact info, etc).

P.S. The picture does not need to have guns in it... It can just be a pic of you, your family, your daily life. Let's show our reps and the country what law abiding gun owners look like every day. 

Submit your pics that show you and/or your family along with a message that tells a little bit about you and also includes the phrases like:

>>>"I'm a law abiding gun owner" and/or "And I carry" and/or "I support the 2nd Amendment," etc.
(Suggestions: I'm a mom; I'm a dad; I'm a teacher; I'm a son; I'm a business owner; I'm a husband; I live in [city]; I'm a [your job]; I'm a [political party]; I'm a [social beliefs], etc...). Submit as many as you like. 

****You can just send along the text of your message and we'll super-impose it on the pic if you can't do it yourself. Submitting the text separately is preferred. 

How to submit: (No names will be used in the slide show, regardless of method of entry) 
--Post your pics on our Facebook page 
--Email pics to info@Minnesota2A.com 
--Attach pics to a message to our Facebook page